Society has legitimate issues with public officials, including concerns over whether you are doing enough, or anything at all, to deliver basic public services.

Even if you believe you are a responsible, hard-working public officlal and you are doing the very best that you can, if you stay quiet about who you are, and what you believe in, and what you are doing, you will allow others (especially your political opponents) to form and communicate their own opinions about you. And the public will tend to believe your opponents and be critical about your activities and your motives.

So don’t be afraid to communicate.

Most public officials spend little time worrying about their public affairs. And very few spend time worrying about their image and reputation
until they get into trouble. That’s absolutely the worst time to start worrying about it.

You need to embrace the practice of regular, open, and honest communications as one of the keys to building a winning personal brand.

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